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What Is Arthroscopy ACL Surgery?

Dr. Daniel Silver - Silver Orthopedics April 20, 2018

Arthroscopy refers to a type of surgery, wherein a tiny camera is inserted into the body to provide your orthopedic surgeon with the best opportunity to view sports or orthopedic injuries from multiple angles. However, there are additional benefits to arthroscopy as well, particularly when it comes to treating a torn or injured ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament).

For example, arthroscopy for ACL surgery lowers the risk of infection, the risk of complication, and speeds up recovery times for men and women in the San Fernando Valley suffering from a torn ACL.

Your ACL runs diagonally in the center of the knee. This ligament is responsible for the back and forth movement of your knee. It also keeps your tibia (shinbone) from slipping in front of the femur (thighbone). The ACL is an incredibly necessary ligament, and damage including a tear to the ACL can result in knee instability.

Symptoms of an ACL Tear

Athletes in the San Fernando Valley are the frequent sufferers of an ACL tear, though this injury can happen to anyone. Like most injuries, an ACL tear becomes more likely the older you get. Symptoms of a torn ACL appear after sustaining a sports injury or experiencing an accident such as a fall. The knee will immediately begin to swell. Your knee will feel instability, and you're bound to have trouble with pivoting motions and/or running.

Diagnosing Arthroscopy, and ACL Grafting for ACL Tears in Encino

An MRI will be ordered if an ACL tear is suspected, but to confirm the diagnosis of a torn ACL, expert Encino Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Silver will perform diagnostic arthroscopy and ligament examination. If you've experienced a complete ACL tear in the San Fernando Valley, you will likely need to have the ligament replaced with a graft. Most often a graft comes from your own knee, though in some cases it may be through a donated tissue. Upon confirmation of the ACL tear, small punctures are made, where the new ACL will be placed. This new ACL is often made from two hamstring tendons (semitendinosus and gracilis) which have been doubled and woven into a strong "new" ACL.

Recovering from arthroscopic ACL surgery in the San Fernando Valley

Recovery times from ACL surgeries will vary, and most athletes are advised to wait 6 to 9 months before returning to any high contact sports. Sports that are less impactful may be enjoyed sooner. However, nearly everyone in the San Fernando Valley who has ACL surgery, will require bracing for weeks to months following surgery.

An ACL injury needs to be treated as soon as possible to relieve pain, and to prevent a worsening condition. If you have sustained a sports injury in Encino, and your knee is swelling, painful, or you're not able to move it properly, it is important to schedule an appointment to see an expert Encino Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr. Silver, Founder of Silver Orthopedics in Encino has performed tens of thousands of orthopedic surgeries. Contact Silver Orthopedics in Encino at 818- 784-9593 to schedule an appointment.